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The Global Citizen

We believe that today’s Global Citizens are the muses who will inspire the products, services and organisations of tomorrow. They push tools and infrastructure beyond their intended purpose. They are hackers and early adopters who reveal opportunities to better serve the mainstream
consumer of the future.


We are diving deeper than ever before into the world of the Global Citizen – and using this learning to inspire boardrooms and creative studios in the world’s most innovative companies.

How it works

Big challenges can’t be tackled in isolation, so we’re pioneering a brand new model of strategic partnership and collaboration.

Our approach is special in 3 ways 


Our chosen theme will give you a unique perspective on the emerging needs and expectations of consumers in the digital age


Our creative research methodologies will inspire a culture of innovation in your team 


Our new engagement model will give you access to an exclusive network of decision-makers, thought leaders and creatives from non-competing industries

So who is the Global Citizen?

It’s a familiar story: thanks to technology, the world has never seemed smaller. We’re part of a growing global network of people, products and services, where travel is cheap, data flows freely, and the marketplace for knowledge and skills transcends geography.


Some people are pushing this idea to its limits, as they live, work and play across borders in search of opportunity, fulfilment and prosperity.




From the business traveller to the digital nomad, from the plutocrat to the economic migrant – some of these people are the 1%, but many others are not. They’re all of us. Or at least, how we will be in the future.


We believe their needs and expectations provide a vital benchmark for any business determined to thrive as the digital age unfolds. Get in touch to learn more.

Project approach

We’ll be immersing ourselves in the daily lives of Global Citizens across three continents, tapping into their communities, and learning from the brands and experts who understand them best.


In the process, we’ll uncover the limitations of their current operating system – and the technological, cultural and commercial currents that point to exciting strategic opportunities.


Our activities 

Most research focuses on validating insights into current audience segments. 


This project is all about inspiring strategy, innovation and creative development to serve tomorrow’s consumer. We’ll take our cue from the extraordinary Global Citizens we meet along the way.

Join us as we...

We've made it easy for you to share our approach with others.


Download our one page summary now.

Get Involved

There is limited time left to join us on our journey as a Project Partner!


You will benefit from:


Access to exclusive content that brings to life everything we discover throughout our project


The chance to feed into our brief, highlight specific areas of strategic interest, and join us in the field around the world


Private workshops and expert events to explore strategic implications for your organisation


The opportunity to collaborate with senior leaders from other participating organisations


Beautifully designed multimedia outputs that make it easy for you to socialise insights across your business

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