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There is a hidden customer driving the success of the world’s fastest growing companies.


That customer is the Global Citizen – the new muse for organisations in the digital age, including yours. 

Global Citizens are a diverse set of people who possess extraordinary desire to embrace the opportunities emerging in an increasingly borderless digital economy.


In a world where international travel is commonplace, data flows freely, and the marketplace for knowledge and skills transcends geography, they operate at the leading edge of the cultural movements and technological advances that are unlocking entirely new ways of living, engaging and transacting.


They push tools and infrastructure beyond their intended purpose. They are the hackers, early adopters and influencers who pave the way for the mainstream.

After the Comma is your gateway to the Global Citizen.

World Map NEW.png

Our journey so far has taken us from a cryptocurrency workshop in Lisbon to an abandoned care home in London, from a co-living start-up in New York City to a house boat off the coast of Cambodia. These have been transformative experiences for us, and there are more in the pipeline.


They can be transformative for your team, too.

Your business can begin learning about the Global Citizen and translating this into creative strategies, today. Our insights platform and network of Global Citizens is a uniquely powerful tool that will help you:


Identify white spaces for innovation and growth


Apply a new lens to familiar challenges


Develop global perspective on emerging attitudes and behaviour


Inspire your team with fresh approaches to insight and innovation

If this sounds exciting to you, let's talk!

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